Is Porn Allowed On Twitter?

Twitter is arguably the wild west of the social media industry where pretty much anything goes. However, in 2017, it moved to re-word its rules to protect users from explicit adult content. However, the guidelines are yet to be fully actualized.

This loophole has enabled certain users to spread pornographic content. In a study by Channel 4 News, one in every a thousand tweets has porn-related content.  Considering that there are over 500 million tweets sent out per day, it means that there are more porn images than there are of people, pets, or products.

YouPorn is one of the popular porn streaming websites on the internet today, and there are millions of armatures and professionals advertising their porn content using the YouPorn Twitter handle. Same goes for Spankbang, which is one of the fastest rising porn streaming sites today, and you can quickly get links to videos on the site from Twitter.

The Dark Side of Porn on Twitter

Adult content owners and creators have used the social media platform to get the word out and increase the traffic on its site. While it might not be popular as Instagram, Twitter is the perfect place to brand and advertise their content. Spankbang is also in agreement that Twitter puts back the power into the performer’s hands.

Reporting and Flagging

There are more than ten pseudo accounts for Spankbang and other porn sites, and this makes it difficult for Twitter to regulate or remove the accounts spreading porn. However, for people looking to watch quick videos of mainstream adult porn, Twitter is the most accessible source for new professional and armature content. Most people will report the tweets, but Twitter hardly does anything to curb the vice.

Twitter Rules On Adult Content

Twitter believes that everyone has the power to create and share information and ideas instantly without any barrier. In the rules, Twitter admits that it allows some form of adult content, and the owners of adult content such as YouPorn must mark their tweets as having sensitive material.

However, Twitter restricts the use of adult content on live video, on header images and profile pictures. If you have porn content you would like to share; you must mark the tweet as having sensitive content.


Porn is regulated on Twitter, but the regulation needs to be beefed up. Since YouPorn rely heavily on Twitter for traffic, a complete crackdown would hamper their growth. However, there is a need to put more stringent measures to ensure that adult content from sites such as Spankbang is flagged on Twitter.