Yes, you can. Twitter’s microblogging service makes it possible for users to read and send text-based messages of up to 140 characters. As one of the most visited sites and most popular microblogging services, Twitter is used by people to microblog across the world.

As you know, Twitter accounts are free to open. Twitter will always be free, like Facebook. Read on to learn the specifics of microblogging on and off Twitter.

Customize your Homepage

A newly opened account is nothing without a customized home page. The next step is reviewing your preferences and account settings. While microblogging, don’t protect your tweets unless you want only your followers to access them.

It’s possible to enable text messaging to your mobile phone, but your provider may charge you extra for this service.

Twitter posts work with #hashtags, ex. #blacklivesmatter or another issue that interests you. Everyone who searches that hashtag on Twitter will stumble across your micropost.

You can see the date of your posts by hovering over the timestamp. If you click on it, you’ll be taken back to the original source.

Twitter for Businesses

Twitter still isn’t ideal for businesses’ microblogging needs due to the fact that it lacks a number of capabilities that are required to work on companies’ intranet. The ideal microblogging environment requires not only short messages, but also a social messaging-friendly user profile with a short handle, specialized tagging, integration of automatic URL shorteners, and a Twitter-compatible API to use the wide scope of high quality clients on mobile and desktop platforms. Indeed, these are some of the things that account for the difference between blogging and microblogging.


Twitter is good for microblogging, but it’s still lacking full functionality. Will this change? Only time will tell. For now, there are better options.