Twitter and Facebook became the most popular platforms giving a voice to, well, voice microblogging, in a matter of just a few years. Microblogging involves giving the posts a person shares an actual voice. How loudly are the new voices heard? Read on to learn more.

According to experts, microblogging is a great tool, which makes social interactions more personal. It can even give companies a personality. And it’s not all about Facebook and Twitter anymore. Voices of microblogging can be heard the loudest on some of these platforms:


This platform enables users to create their own microblogs and connect with others, use icons, add comments, and post online or by SMS.


Users of Pownce can send files, messages, links, and events to friends. This service is free.


This service aggregates your microblogging intuitively and efficiently.


This is a particularly interesting option. Basically, you build a network and let its members know what mood you’re in, what your thoughts on whatever issue are, and what you’re doing. This can be done online, by phone, or by IM.


This is a microblogging social network service, which limits post length to 250 characters. It’s a fun way to meet and keep up with people.


Like BeeMood, this is a social mood management tool that makes sharing and managing microblogs fast and easy.


Finally, Shopalize is a global community of shoppers. OK, the name might suggest that. But did you know you can share any and every shopping experience on here. All it takes is answering one question: “What did you buy today?”

The future of social media?

Voice-based microblogging isn’t as popular as it could be, but hey, 140-character tweets sounded strange back in the day too. It might be the next big thing for companies, which want to improve their communication with online clients, employees, and partners.